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Click on the microphone icon and begin speaking for as long as you like.

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Speech To Text Hindi

Friends Have you ever wondered- Can we convert our Speech to Text in Hindi? But wait let me tell you that using our tool this is now possible to convert the humans Speech in Hindi To Text.

So Lets learn how to do speech type:- Friends this becomes a very simple process using our tool.You Just have to click on the mic.Now after clicking on the mic you will observe the "Speak now" text.So just start speaking and stop when you want to stop.Now you will be able to see that as you speak a word our speech recognition system will convert your voice to Hindi typing In this you just have to set your mic properly so that a our system can get your clear voice and can serve you best hindi voice typing. Now after setting the mic you have to do one task - click on the mic button.I also wants to tell you that our software does its hindi typing in Unicode font.

Our this Speech typing tool rely/works on a speech recognition system.This system does nothing but just detects your speech and convert it into text. Friends using our tool you can save a lot of your time and money.You can use this to type Blog, E-mail, Web Articles and many more.This hindi voice typing software will help you in many regular tasks.This is the best tool to get the text in hindi using speech.You can use our tool anytime and anywhere for free.

Using Our tool you now don't have to waste your energy doing typing using Keyboard and also you can do your work in a more convinient and efficient manner.You can type any number of lines using this software.This is a very fast, accurate, easy method or way to type Hindi words.It is basically a way to type Hindi text without using keyboard.

Important:This software works only on Google Chrome web browser.If you want to download google chrome then click-Download Google

How to do best Voice to Text Hindi:-

Step 1-Use Excellent Quality Mic

Step 2-Speak with slow pace so that our system can catch you better

Step 3-Speak Clear and Loud

Step 4-Enjoy our Tool and Do Share