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Friends you might have one general question in mind that "How to do English to Hindi Typing" or "How to do Hindi typing using English Keyboard".So before moving to your question I would like to tell you that our this Hindi typing tool or website is totally free to use and also the data you enter is 100% secured.Using our tool typing in hindi is very much easy and you don't need a hindi typing tutor to teach you how to Type in Hindi.Our tool is the most accurate, fastest and securest tool ever.This Hindi typing tool uses Google transliteration Application Services to provide you the most accurate, fastest text in Hindi.

Steps to Type in Hindi

1. Type a word

2.Press Spacebar key from your keyboard

Now you will see that the word/text you typed in English will be converted to Hindi.Now you guys definitely have an idea how easy is to use this Hindi Typing software/tool.Just type a word and then hit spacebar key thats it..!!

Dear Friends if you want to see the suggestions related to your word then it is also a very simple and quick process .Basically it can be done in two steps -

1.Just click in the last of the Hindi word for which you want to see the suggestions and hit Backspace key from your keyboard.

This will show the suggestions related to your word.You can simply select any word from the suggestion list either by clicking through mouse or you can also select the word through the up-down arrow keys of your keyboard and then hit the Enter key.

2.Another way to see the suggestions is to click on the Hindi word .Now again you will be able to see the suggestions.

Again in the same way as above you can select the word of your choice from the suggestion list by clicking on the desired word using your mouse or by selecting the required word from the suggestions list using the up-down arrow keys of your keyboard and the pressing the enter from your keyboard

Friends let me explain this more by giving you example one for each this will surely clear your doubts for -(A)How can I convert English text to Hindi typing (B)How can I actually see the suggestions for my Hindi word.

(A)We are taking an example where you want to type EASY HINDI TYPING, So in this scenario you should have to type EASY first and then after 'Y' in the easy word just press the space bar from your keyboard.You will see that your word EASY in English is translated to इजी in Hindi.You can follow the same practice for the other words HINDI and TYPING.

(B)Now moving on to the suggestions part let us take an example where you want to see the suggestions for हिंदी . Now you can either click on हिंदी or you can also hit a backspace in the last 'ी' of हिंदी word using these techniques you can see the suggestions.

English to Hindi Keyboard

Hindi Typing Using Inscript Keyboard

To type using this Inscript keyboard you should have to enable Inscript Keyboard or Devnagari Inscript Keyboard in your computer system.This is the standardised keyboard for Hindi typing using Unicode Technology.This keyboard uses Unicode base font for Hindi Typing.This is the modernest keyboard

Hindi Typing Keyboard Layout (Inscript) | EngHindiTyping

Hindi Typing Using Remington Gail Keyboard

This keyboard is the updated or we can say the modified version of the earlier Remington (typewriter) keyboard layout for Hindi Typing.It is assumed that both the keyboard have the same layout but that is not true both of these are different from each other.The older Remington typewriter keyboard works on the legacy fonts while this Remington Gail keyboard works on unicode font.

Hindi Typing Keyboard Layout(Remington-GAIL)| EngHindiTyping

Eng Hindi Typing

when we speak something in Hindi that we can refer to as Hindi Speaking but when we type or write Hindi that is referred to as a script. So we can conclude that we speak Hindi and write Devnagari Script. Hindi, also referred to as Khadi Boli, Khari Boli, belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European family.it's spoken as a primary language primarily in northern and central India

Just for the knowledge I would like to tell you that Devnagari has 11 vowels and 33 consonants. 42 Crore Indians refers Hindi as their native language.Outside of Republic of India, Hindi is spoken in Australia, Bangladesh, Belize, Bhutan, Botswana, Canada, Djibouti, African country , Germany, Guyana, Kenya, Nepal, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Sint Maarten, Republic of South Africa , United Arab Emirates, uk , us , Yemen, Northern Rhodesia (Ethnologue). Such an honest distribution makes Hindi one of the foremost spoken languages of the world . At the state level, Hindi is that the official language of the subsequent states: Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, province, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana. Every may additionally designate a "co-official language"; in province as an example, reckoning on the political formation in power, generally this language is Urdu. Similarly, Hindi is accorded the standing of co-official language in many further states.

Typing Hindi on PC or eng-hindi typing is now become easy as you need not to remember that earlier used Hindi keyboard keys. Also as Hindi is referred by a large number of people and also many of them want to chat, post, comment and even blog in Hindi. So instead of spending so much time to type through Hindi keyboard you can easily type Hindi using English Keyboard.Using our tool you can type and share the content anywhere you want over the web. We also have Emoji's so that you can enjoy to chat.

Typing Hindi in MS Word

You can simply type your data in the above textbox and then to get your text in the wordpad just hit the Save as Word button below the textbox. Now your text is downloaded in the Word Format .You can have all you data present in the textbox into the word by just downloading the file as word and then opening that word file.

If you want to focus on the button Click-Type in Microsoft word in Hindi

English to Hindi Translation

This is the Hindi typing tool abobe but if you want to translate the text in English to Hindi then you can use our another tool by clicking on the below Link

Translation Hindi - English

Hindi Speech to Text

In-order to save your time for typing Hindi we created this tool with the help of which you can easily Type in Hindi using the English Keyboard.

We also have another tool to save your this time and effort also-- We have Speech to Hindi Text tool -with the help of this tool you can easily get the content or text in Hindi just by speaking a sentence, So lets go and save our effort and give some rest to our fingers.Use our Hindi Speech to Text tool by clicking the below mentioned link.

Voice to text

English to Hindi Meaning of a word

If you are stuck at a word for which you don't know the exact meaning in Hindi then you can use our English-Hindi Dictionary.We are trying to provide you the best of our services.

If you want to find the meaning of an English word in Hindi then just visit our Dictionary and type the word.You will get all the information related to that word on our website

Just click on the below mentioned Link

Word meaning English-Hindi

Hindi Typing Software Features

This is the fastest, most accurate and securest typing software

You can use it for Hindi typing in your Hindi Blog.The main keypoint is that or we can say the main benefit of using this tool for the Hindi typing is that you can get the siurce code for your data in the above textbox by simply clicking on the '<''>' button in the text box, You cn get the fully coded text.Just copy the code and paste the code in your blog and See the worth.

This website has ssl certificate- which ensures that the data you are typing in the text box is fully secured.

You can insert Images, Tables, Links, Emoji's and can download the file as Word, Textfile

Your data also saves automatically and it is saved locally in your computer system.So if you closes the tab or accidently your computer system shuts down even than you can access your previous data.

Note:-We do not access/store your data. Your data is 100% safe and protected.

Hindi latest Font Download

Mangal Regular Font
Kruti Dev010 Regular Font