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Hello! I am your English to Hindi Dictionary Expert.Do you know how do we learn the pronunciation of an English word..?? If your answer is NO, Let me explain some more- Either, we hear someone saying that word, and start speaking in the same way, or by reading the word, understanding its meaning and then we derive the pronunciation based on its meaning and spelling.During my schooling, English had always been my favorite subject, and I used to take interest in learning English and so I decided to make this English to Hindi Dictionary to help everyone with same and so that everyone like me can develop his/her interest in Learning more by knowing the English to Hindi Meaning of the word and can be able to understand more words and increase his Vocab.In our schools, the pronunciation of English words is based on British style, so that’s what I learnt too.

But my first job was with a Multi National company.I worked there for one year. There, my role was to speak with the American customers,so I also learnt the English words and pronunciation that are used by the Americans.If for a word I don't know the meaning I used to translate that word into Hindi Dictionary but I would suggest to always use Dictionary with Sentences or some Dictionary with appropriate synonms and Antonyms. For example of pronounciation, we speak “schedule” like “shed-yule”, the Americans call like “sked-jule”. Also, I have travelled to many countries,and I have always paid attention to the way the English is spoken at those places.I always used to have a small pocket Hindi Dictiionary book with me And I believe, that’s the reason why I enjoy sharing my knowledge with you folks, because I feel that one cannot teach enough, based on the bookish knowledge only,compared to a person who can talk directly from heart based on own experiences.

Anyway,today, I have got those words that are used commonly, but we often get confused about their pronunciation. We wish someone could help us by telling the correct pronunciation of those words. So today, I am going to fulfil this wish of yours, too. We use all these words regularly, so you must be knowing the meaning of these words, but there could be confusion about their pronunciation. So I am going to discuss the meaning of these words here.In case there are certain words which you are unclear of, we can take them up later. Out of the words that I am going to talk about, some of them are pronounced differently by the Americans and the British. So as per the case, I will keep referring to their UK and US versions, as well. If you are in America, or deal with the Americans, then you can learn the US version, else the UK version is good for most of the Asian countries. Let’s begin. if you could help me in spreading my knowledge to more and more people, then do share this with your friends. Bye!